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Deep Creek

About us

The property of Deep Creek is part of Florida's agritourism. The property has been used as a pasture for cattle for many years.

The Barn itself was used as an actual pole barn, housing tractors and hay, until it was enclosed in 2020. So when we say "The Barn" at Deep Creek, we really mean it!


Deep Creek Farms LLC operates as a tree and cattle farm. When visiting The Barn, you might catch a glimpse of our cattle in a nearby pasture. 


Deep Creek also prioritizes an interest in preserving Florida History. We host learning opportunities, like sugar cane processing with our very own cane grinder. We plan to host more educational and cultural events in the future. 

Through the property runs two distributaries of the Santa Fe River. One is a branch of Monteocha Creek and the other is locally known as Deep Creek. 


The Raising of The Barn.

The story of the wedding barn starts with a proposal in the cow pasture. 

The owner's son proposed to his girlfriend during a picnic in the cypress trees. They started their wedding planning and decided the pole barn would be the perfect spot. Except, it was still just a pole barn...filled with hay and equipment and feed.

before and after.png

So in August, the process of enclosing the barn began...for a November wedding. Family, friends, neighbors, and more all pitched in to make the Barn ready for their big day. We finished just hours before the wedding started. And then we spent the next 2 years using it as a special place for our family and friends while slowly working to improve what we started. 




Oct 2020


Oct 25, 2020

Nov 7, 2020


And now we're ready to share our special place with you!

"Let all that you do, be done in love."

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